WIN: Clover Leaf Decides to Remove Non-GMO Label From Canned Seafood

20 of Clover Leaf Seafood’s canned products are Non-GMO Project Verified and have featured the butterfly label on the top of their cans – despite the fact that there is no genetically modified tuna, salmon or any other seafood or meat available to consumers.

Photo: Lisa Teschke

Thanks to consumer pushback, Clover Leaf recently announced their plans to remove the label, starting with their next production run.

Clover Leaf rightly recognized the confusion this deceptive label caused for their consumers and the role their labels can play in spreading misinformation. We applaud Clover Leaf Seafood for doing the right thing and valuing their consumers’ right to truly understand what they are buying.

Thank you, Clover Leaf! And thank you to all of those who reached out, voiced your concerns and clearly made a difference in this decision.

We hope more consumers – and companies – soon follow suit.