TruMoo Milk

Chocolate milk brand TruMoo is an interesting case, because the company — to its credit — acknowledges on its website the safety of ingredients sourced from GMO crops.


We firmly believe genetically modified ingredients are safe – just as safe as foods made with ingredients from non-GMO crops.

But at the same time, TruMoo (owned by Dean Foods) offers a dramatically different portrayal of GMOS in their advertising.

Despite their assurances that GMOs are safe, TruMoo’s products include labels that proclaim their products as “GMO-free.” Most confusingly, a recent television commercial features kids trying to identify what GMO stands for and closes with a new slogan, “No GMOs, No Worries” – wrongly implying that parents should worry about giving their kids products containing GMOs.

TruMoo clearly understands that GMOs are safe. But their marketing follows a more disturbing strategy to sell their product — capitalizing on consumers’ fears and misconceptions regarding their food. We wish TruMoo was fully truthful in sharing the facts with consumers. If you do, too, email, tweet or post to Facebook and tell them now.