Stonyfield Yogurt

The science is clear: ALL milk is naturally GMO free, regardless of the type of feed – GM or non-GM – that the cows producing it have consumed.

Anyone – or any company – that implies otherwise is ignoring the science. Which raises an important question: why are they trying so hard to brush off the facts? For many companies, it’s all about marketing, and capitalizing on consumer fears and misinformation in the name of sales.


In the case of Stonyfield, the company devotes an entire section of its website to taking advantage of consumer misconceptions – with the title “Organic and GMO Don’t Mix.” And in January 2018, the company released an online video featuring young children talking about the alleged dangers of GMOs – a clear effort, as critics so rightly lambasted– to use children to support fear-mongering and outright falsehoods about GMOs in order to sell more products.

Stonyfield even goes so far as to say on its website that the best way to “protect you and your family from GMOs in your food is to purchase organic today.”

We have no problem with organic – you do you, Stonyfield – it’s the fear mongering with which we take issue. The company’s entire marketing premise is based on the falsehood that somehow milk from cows fed GM feed is different than the non-GM variety, and that GMOs themselves are unsafe – despite a landmark study from the National Academies of Science conclusively showing otherwise. And to add insult to injury, they not only scare consumers into buying their products, but also charge a premium for it!

So what’s the point? It’s all about ratcheting up the fear to boost the bottom line. Consumers deserve better than this. Tell Stonyfield that consumers deserve better. Tweet, post to their Facebook, email them today and say enough is enough.