MorningStar Farms “Bacon”

The USDA says “bacon can only be made from pork bellies.” Clearly real bacon only comes from a pig. But, that’s not stopping MorningStar Farms from using the term “bacon” on the front of their breakfast packages that don’t contain any pork.

Simply put, MorningStar Farm’s “bacon strips” don’t have an ounce of a pig in them. A concoction of egg whites, soybean oil, sugar, cornstarch and 33 other ingredients adds up to something – but it’s definitely NOT real bacon.

Why would MorningStar Farms be okay with misleading consumers with this fake meat? It seems like they want to skim off some of the $122 billion in consumer pork purchases that are made each year. By aligning their product with real pork, MorningStar Farms creates confusion in the market place in order to bring home the (fake!) bacon. That’s just not right.

Instead of confusing consumers in an attempt to add to their personal piggy bank, MorningStar Farms should try a little truth and transparency in their food labeling and give up the marketing gimmicks. Tell them on Twitter, Facebook or email if you agree!