Left Field Farms Milk

Sometimes fear-mongering as a marketing tactic is subtle; a veiled attempt at making you question what you otherwise thought to be true. Other times it’s a blatant, in your face, laugh out loud manipulation.

The marketing team at Left Field Farms has chosen the latter path, asking of consumers on their website, “If you won’t eat GMOs, why should cows?”


Why indeed. Here’s the reality: the science has clearly and repeatedly shown that ALL milk is naturally GMO free, regardless of the type of feed – GM or non-GM – that the cows producing it have consumed.

So why is Left Field Farms dedicating so much time, energy and website space to touting this distinction without a difference? From where we’re sitting, it looks like it all comes down to sales.

Competition in the milk aisle is stiff, and Left Field Farms has shown they are willing to exploit consumer misconceptions to gain an edge. Instead of putting the customer first with truthful and transparent labels, they hope to profit off of fear and falsehoods.

Statements like these couldn’t make that strategy more clear: “We give our cows non-GMO feed. Our cows give us wholesome milk.” As if the wholesome nature of the milk is at all dependent upon the type of feed.

C’mon man. Let’s get real. Repeat after us: ALL milk is naturally GMO free.

Left Field Farms wants you to believe their “It’s Different Out in Left Field” tagline, but they have shown themselves to be just another company preying on consumer confusion. Grocery shoppers deserve better.

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