Gotham Greens Arugula

Have you ever eaten genetically modified arugula? We’re positive you haven’t — because it doesn’t exist! But that hasn’t stopped Gotham Greens, which calls itself a “hyper-local” company, from putting “non-GMO seed” on its containers of arugula.  Boasting stringent food safety plans and the utmost quality, consumers probably feel assured when they buy Gotham Greens, unaware that they are being played by the company with deceptive marketing.

What Gotham Greens doesn’t want you to know is that all lettuce is non-GMO — including the seed used to grow it. Putting non-GMO seed under the header “sustainable agriculture” on their containers appears to have been an easy fit for their marketing scheme, but in reality it’s just another shameful ploy to try to get their product to stand out.

Be the hero that Gotham Greens pretends to be, and let them know you want truth and transparency on your food labels by tweeting, posting to Facebook, or writing to them today.