Florida’s Natural Orange Juice

There is no such thing as a GMO orange. As such, as long as a product’s only ingredient is oranges, then it is ALWAYS naturally GMO-free. But that hasn’t stopped the makers of Florida’s Natural orange juice from including a Non-GMO label on their products.

The motivation: marketing. It’s certainly not about transparency, and it’s certainly not about truth. It’s about selling more of their products by capitalizing on consumers’ concerns or misconceptions regarding GMOs. If it allows them to sell more product than a competitor who doesn’t include the GMO-free label, then that’s a win. And it doesn’t seem to matter that THEIR consumers – and basic science – are the losers.

When it comes to food labeling, consumers clearly need to bring a skeptical eye to their grocery aisle decisions, or risk falling victim to food manufacturers’ trickery in the name of profits.

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