Del Monte Canned Sliced Carrots

Del Monte’s canned sliced carrots include large “Non GMO” seals on their labels. Seems simple enough. But the truth is that there is no such thing as a genetically modified carrot, so the label is at best totally superfluous and, at worst, completely deceptive.

On top of that, the other three ingredients listed on the can – beyond carrots – are water, sea salt and calcium chloride, none of which could ever be genetically modified for the simple fact that they have no genes. Del Monte says on its website that GMOs are safe and its non-GMO labels are designed to help consumers “make informed choices.” But when you peel back the label, it looks like Del Monte is less concerned about informing consumers and more interested in confusing and scaring them into purchasing their products with unnecessary, deceptive labels.

Write to Del Monte today on Twitter, Facebook or by email to tell them to stop using this deceptive label on their products moving forward.