NPR: What’s Healthy At The Grocery Store? Shoppers Are Often Confused, Survey Finds

By: Rebecca Ellis –

A granola bar enthusiast walks into a grocery store, scouting for a healthy treat. The first shelf is lined with KIND Bars, whose wrappers flaunt “five super grains” and zero genetically engineered ingredients. Below sit boxes of Quaker Chewy bars, 100-calorie oat snacks spotted with marshmallows and chocolate chips. Finally, there’s Annie’s Homegrown granola bars, gluten-free and “made with goodness.”

So which product does a health conscious, snack-fanatic chose? According to a new survey by the American Heart Association and the International Food Information Council Foundation, they’re probably a little stuck.

The report found 95 percent of shoppers at least sometimes seek healthy options when grocery shopping. And yet, only a little over a quarter said they find it easy to determine which products are good for them and which should stay on the shelves.

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