The Hill: Advancements in Agriculture, Good for People and the Planet

By Tom Vilsack –

This Earth Day, hundreds of thousands of people marched to “defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economies, and governments.” The March for Science echoed in communities around the world, celebrating the many contributions science has afforded our society, but also reacting to the growing influence the denial of science is having in political discourse and domestic policymaking here in the United States. Champions of science have right to be concerned. With every step taken to censor research or dismantle protections to our clean air and water, we grow acutely aware of the impact this altered path may have on our ability to fight climate change – potentially one of the greatest threats to humankind.

Now more than ever we need to embrace the power of science to help us battle the challenges related to climate change. Anything less than a holistic approach may have drastic negative impacts on tens of millions of people across the world.

To date, science has led us to the technological advancements that have helped us create wind turbines, solar panels, hydro-powered plants, and other renewable energy sources – allowing us to reimagine the promising future of an energy industry that has been negatively contributing to the climate change problem for decades. When we allow science to swing at the problem, it almost always gets on base.

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