We all see them: the claims on front-of-package food labels — things like “gluten-free” or “GMO-free” or “no added hormones.” Many of us use these labels to make choices about the foods we buy. But did you know they often are just marketing ploys used by food manufacturers to scare you into choosing their product over another brand? These misleading and sometimes even deceptive labels highlight something obvious, unhelpful or at worst, untruthful, about their product – all in an effort to capitalize on consumer fear to sell more product.

With an average of 40,000 items in each grocery store, we can’t possibly monitor them all. That’s why we need you. The next time you see one of these deceptive, fear-based marketing tactics while grocery shopping, help us spread the word by taking a photo and sharing it using #PeelBackTheLabel on Facebook or Twitter!

We’ll continue to update and share some of the worst offenders here:


Jif adds a number of different claims on their label, including Non-GMO, despite there being no genetically modified peanuts

There are no genetically modified tilapia – therefore, there’s no need to add a non-GMO label to this product

There are no genetically modified herbs available today – so no need to proclaim your cumin is GMO-free!

There are no genetically modified grapes to begin with! Grapery, no need to add “Non-GMO” to your label

Dole 100% pineapple juice is riddled with “free-from” labels – despite pineapples being non-GMO and gluten-free to begin with

With no GMO alternative, this bag of GMO-free cranberries is an example of deceptive labeling
With only “organic bananas” listed on the ingredient label, why do they need GMO-free verification?


As we know, all tomatoes are GMO-free

With no genetically modified wheat commercially available, all wheat pasta is GMO-Free. No need for this confusing label, Catelli!

No GMO almonds exist, so Silk’s Non-GMO label seems unnecessary at best, deceptive at worst.

Non-GMO… bandages? Now it’s just getting ridiculous…

Rather than clear up misconceptions, Bob’s Red Mill decides to add the non-GMO label.