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“I think there’s no doubt that people are looking for 100 percent transparency in what they’re eating and what they’re consuming. If that transparency on any level is not accurate, is not truthful, the game is over.”

—Howard Schultz
Executive Chairman, Starbucks

“By injecting fear-mongering into the discourse about our food, we run the risk of eroding consumer trust in not just a single product, but the entire food business.”

—Tom Vilsack
Former Agriculture Secretary

“We all ought to be highly skeptical of the claims on our food, worry about how these claims affect us and press for more policing of misleading labelling.”

—Arwa Mahdawi

“Instead of positive embellishment, marketers use negative warning terms like ‘contains no’ or ‘free of’ to claim their products do not contain things that sound scary, but things the product in question could not possibly have in the first place.”

—Larry Olmsted
Author, Real Food/Fake Food

“Even when a GMO counterpart exists, a non-GMO label can still mislead consumers into thinking that there is something materially different about the crops produced by ‘GMO’ techniques.”

—Science Moms