WIN: Mann’s Fresh Vegetables Takes a Stand Against Deceptive Non-GMO Label

In 2016, Mann’s Fresh Vegetables received Non-GMO Project Verification for a number of their vegetable products, including their packaged lettuce. The problem? There is no such thing today as GMO lettuce.

So after thinking about this a bit more deeply, in a courageous shift, Mann’s decided that label was sending the wrong message and removed it from the packaging.

Here’s what they said:

“There is no GMO lettuce. It made us go: Why are we doing this? We are perpetuating a fear that something is wrong with GMOs. We didn’t feel right doing that, so we chose to take that label off.”

– Gina Nucci, Mann’s Packaging Director of Corporate Marketing

Mann’s took it one step further and publicly explained their reasoning for removing the label. And better yet, they are using the opportunity to educate consumers rather than prey on their misconceptions. They truly ARE putting their customers first.

We applaud Mann’s Vegetables for making a tough choice, and even more for their efforts to provide solid and thoughtful education for consumers.

We hope other companies follow suit.