Quaker Oats Quick 1-Minute Oats

Don’t let Quaker Oats pull a fast one on you with their Quick 1-Minute Oats! Quaker Oats decided to slap a Non-GMO label onto their products when there is no such thing as GM oats on the market. That’s just a shameful ploy to capitalize on consumer fears about the safety of GMOs.

Quaker Oats has dominated the breakfast market for decades, but is starting to feel the heat from competitors as more companies have begun responding to health conscious consumers by making more oat-based breakfast options. In order to separate from the competition, Quaker Oats resorted to playing off of consumers’ misconceptions about the safety of GMOs. That’s just wrong.

This misleading labeling is a disservice to customers who are simply in search of a healthier breakfast for themselves and their families. Not only is this label confusing, but it makes consumers fear what may have been added to their morning breakfast bowl. It’s time that we hold Quaker Oats accountable for this fearmongering. You can write them today on Twitter, Facebook or by email to demand they put an end to their misleading labeling.