Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There is no such thing as a genetically modified olive. But, that hasn’t stopped Pompeian from deceptively labeling all of its olive oils with the Non-GMO Project logo.

As demand explodes for other kinds of cooking oils like avocado oiland coconut oil, Pompeian is clearly trying to find ways to compete. One way they can keep the money rolling in? Ignore the scientific consensusaround the safety of GMOs and make consumers fear something that wasn’t part of their products to begin with.

The company’s CEO further confused people by claiming that their labeling decision was part of delivering a “commitment to quality”to consumers. Did we miss something? We didn’t see Pompeian change anything in their ingredients; we didn’t see the scientific consensus around GMO safety change; and we didn’t see genetically modified olive oil poof into existence.

Newsflash, Pompeian, a real “commitment to quality” means truth and transparency in food labeling, not deceiving consumers in the name of profit.

If you want Pompeian to cut out the misleading food labeling, send them a Tweet @PompeianOils or post on their Facebook page.