McCormick’s “Gourmet” Spices

There are no GMO spices currently on the market, but that didn’t stop McCormick from proudly releasing its GMO-free “Gourmet” line of products, ranging from cinnamon to thyme, in 2015. At the time, the line of 172 spices and flavorings  was heralded by President and COO Lawrence Kurzius as McCormick’s attempt to prove that it is were “listening to consumers and are committed to continuing to evolve.”

Listening to consumers is great. And we’re all for evolution. But what’s the rationale behind the creation of a non-GMO line of spices for which there are no GMO alternatives?

The answer is clear: McCormick released its “Gourmet” line to boost profit margins. The average consumer can purchase a 2.37 oz. bottle of McCormick’s Ground Saigon Cinnamon. But if you’re a gourmand, congratulations! With the introduction of McCormick’s new line of spices, you’ve won the opportunity to pay an additional $1.46 to get slightly more than half of the same spice – but “gourmet.” Whatever that means.

McCormick’s devious attempt to spice up its sales by using deceptive labeling reduces consumer transparency and forces customers to pay more for a product that offers nothing unique – other than an appeal to their culinary aspirations. Tell McCormick, enough with the misleading label on their “gourmet” spices by contacting them on Facebook, Twitter or over email today.