Himalania Rock Pink Salt

GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Which means genetic modifications to a LIVING thing. Salt is a mineral. Not an organism, and definitely not living. Therefore it has no genes to modify.

But that hasn’t stopped the makers of Himalania Rock Pink Salt from labeling their product as GMO-free. Why? Marketing. And clearly deceptive marketing, at that. According to chief executive Hayden Nasir, advertising the absence of GMOs was good business.

Himalania is one of the more preposterous examples of companies that are playing on consumer concerns or misinformation regarding GMOs in order to boost their own profits. Unwary consumers will pay the price through unnecessary premiums. And in the process, Himalania’s deceptive advertising injects further confusion regarding a proven scientific process and its repeatedly affirmed safety in the food supply.

Tell Himalania to stop using the deceptive butterfly label on their products by tweeting, posting to Facebook or emailing them.