Don Pablo Coffee

Coffee consumers, caution! Don’t fall for the froth of Don Pablo’s Signature Blend. Its tagline – 100% Arabica Coffee, Non-GMO – is 100% misleading: there are no GM coffees on the market. So why would a coffee brand imply the opposite by labeling itself as non-GMO?

The answer: Don Pablo’s labeling is nothing more than a marketing scheme. Faced with growing competition in an oversaturated coffee market, smaller brands like Don Pablo rely on deceptive marketing  in the form of a Non-GMO label – to differentiate themselves from the field and provide an excuse to raise prices. In other words, Don Pablo has decided to brew confusion among consumers and capitalize on the perceived stigma of GMOs – all for a quick buck.

Through these efforts, a drop of fear lies in every cup of Don Pablo coffee. You can write Don Pablo today on TwitterFacebook, or by email to remind them that profiting from fear is wrong and urge them to remove their nonsensical label. Remember – better “latte” than never!