Diamond Walnuts

Diamond has gone NUTS! In 2015, Diamond of California received Non-GMO Project Verification for its full line of walnut products. There’s just one concern. There isn’t a single GM nut crop available on the market today. This one isn’t a tough nut to crack. Diamond Foods is slapping a deceptive label onto their products in an effort to appear superior on crowded grocery store shelves.

In 2016, nuts and seeds made up a $5.4-billion market in the U.S. But, with the growing trend of healthy snacking, Diamond is competing against a broadening field of nutrition-focused products. Rather than employ truthful and transparent marketing in advertising their nuts, they decided the best way to grab the attention of consumers is to fearmonger around the safety of GMOs. That’s just nutty.

Enough is enough. Let Diamond of California know that you are fed up with this scheme by sending them a message here, posting on their Facebook, or sending them a Tweet.