Clover Sonoma Milk

On its website, Clover Sonoma Farms credits its decision to go non-GMO – and to utilize the Non-GMO Project verified label – as an effort to drive industry progress and build “trust with consumers.” In particular, they highlight their commitment to converting their dairy cow feed to non-GMO.

What they don’t say is this: Regardless of the type of feed cows consume – be it GM or non-GM – the science clearly shows that it has NO impact on the milk they produce. Therefore, ALL milk is naturally GMO free.

The bottom line is this: Clover Sonoma is ignoring the science in an effort to drive market sales by capitalizing on consumer misinformation regarding GMOs. On top of that, Clover Sonoma uses its website to drum up fear by alleging “uncertainty around the unknown long-term effects of genetically engineered crops,” despite the broad scientific consensus confirming their safety.

Makes you re-think that whole building “trust with consumers” thing, right?

Enough is enough. Tell Clover Sonoma, consumers like you deserve (and want!) truth and transparency in their marketing – not selective facts in the name of sales by tagging them on Facebook and Twitter and writing to them today.