Catelli Pasta

You’d be hard-pressed to find GM wheat in your local supermarket. Why? Because it simply does not exist! So why has Catelli Pasta chosen to follow the lead of their competitor, Barilla, by labeling their products with the Non-GMO Project logo? It’s a deceptive tactic intended to make their products more appealing. Barilla was wrong to do it. So is Catelli.

Here’s how the game is played: Faced with a highly competitive food market and consumers who are becoming wary of pasta, Catelli is seeking a way to set themselves apart from the plethora of competitors. How do they accomplish that? By building fear toward something that doesn’t even exist within the products they offer – all to boost their bottom line.

Rather than take part in truthful and transparent marketing, Catelli is making a claim that does nothing but spread confusion and misinformation among consumers. Tell Catelli to start valuing facts over fear on Facebook, Instagram or by email today.