Butterball Frozen Whole Turkey

Why does Butterball need a “raised without hormones” label? Oh wait! They DON’T.

Here’s why: Per the USDA, it is illegal to sell poultry in the U.S. that was raised with added hormones. BUT, that has not stopped Butterball from labeling its frozen whole turkey as “raised without hormones.”

Butterball — to its credit — acknowledges the USDA requirements on its website.

“All Butterball turkeys are raised hormone- and steroid-free in accordance with USDA requirements.”

Despite that acknowledgement, Butterball still chooses to use deceptive labeling tactics to distinguish themselves in a highly competitive space. These tactics are all about preying on consumers’ lack of knowledge, misconceptions or outright fears about their food and NOT about truth nor transparency.

The truth is ALL poultry in the US – regardless of the label – has no added hormones. Enough is enough! Tell Butterball to STOP deceiving consumers with their misleading label and fear-mongering marketing by contacting them on TwitterFacebook or writing to them today.