Stonyfield, Danone-Owned Left Field Farms Among 3 Dairy Companies Exposed for Misleading Consumers with Deceptive Marketing

WASHINGTON, DC –Peel Back the Label today named three dairy companies – including yogurt maker Stonyfield – as the latest additions to the campaign’s growing roster of bad actor companies, citing their regular, unabashed use of misleading food labeling or deceptive marketing to stoke consumer fear and misconceptions about food to increase sales.

The Peel Back the Label campaign, launched last year by America’s dairy farmers to expose the troubling trend of fear mongering in food marketing, has singled out Stonyfield, Danone-owned Left Field Farms, and California-based Clover Sonoma due to their use of particularly egregious marketing tactics, including the inclusion of “non-GMO” labels on milk to purposely confuse consumers, even though the science clearly shows that the type of feed cows eat – GM or non-GM – has no impact on the milk they produce.

The companies’ deceptive and fear-mongering marketing tactics include:

  • Stonyfield: In January, the company released an online video featuring young children talking about the alleged dangers of GMOs – a clear effort, as critics so rightly lambasted, to use children to support fear-mongering and outright falsehoods about GMOs in order to sell more products.
  • Left Field Farms: Left Field Farms asks consumers on their website, “If you won’t eat GMOs, why should cows?” As previously mentioned, the sciencehas repeatedly shown that all milk is exactly the same, regardless of the type of feed that the cows producing that milk have consumed. Another of Danone’s brands, Dannon, is already featured on Peel Back the Label for its own questionable sourcing decisions, which were based entirely on deceptive marketing and not on the “sustainability” pledge they touted.
  • Clover Sonoma: The company uses its website to drum up fear by alleging “uncertainty around the unknown long-term effects of genetically engineered crops,” despite the broad scientific consensus confirming their safety.

“America’s dairy farmers support truth and transparency in food labeling across the food industry, as well as in our own backyard. When companies use meaningless absence-claims labels and deceptive marketing, that’s just wrong. Peel Back the Label will continue to call out bad actors – even in the dairy community – as we see them in an effort to demand responsible marketing for consumers. They deserve better,” said Jim Mulhern, President of the National Milk Producers Federation.

These new additions to Peel Back the Label’s bad actors list join the following companies which continue to put profits above consumers through their deceptive, fear-mongering marketing: Hunts, Florida’s Natural, Dannon, Himalania Rock Salt, TruMooDel Monte Canned Sliced CarrotsCuties Mandarin Oranges, Bibb Lettuce from Living Fresh,  Tyson, and Perdue.

Through the Peel Back the Label website, the campaign is giving consumers access to the tools they need to separate hype from fact as they work to make informed food decisions for their families. It also seeks to empower consumers to tell their own stories about the negative impacts of deceptive labeling, and share information with their social networks to further encourage food manufacturers to stop this practice. Since its launch, Peel Back the Label has more than 2,600 supporters Twitter and over 21,000 supporters on Facebook with numbers continuing to grow.

About Peel Back the Label:

Peel Back the Label is comprised of America’s dairy farmers and their families. In the United States, 97 percent of dairy farms are family owned. Farmers are committed to producing quality milk for American families, protecting the environment, and caring for their animals. Learn more about the campaign at Learn more about America’s dairy farmers at