Indy Star: Technological Advancements Can Protect the Planet

By Sue McCloskey –

As a farmer, my daily existence is dependent on the Earth, and as such, I join those who are working to protect our environment. But while the public discussion is increasingly focused on the need to urgently stop climate change, there is a growing faction preventing farmers from using the most effective tools at our disposal to keep Mother Earth in as “natural” a state as possible.

The collective awareness of our changing climate has led to a growing chorus of voices pushing for the need to embrace cleaner living to mitigate the threats it poses to our environment. For many, that means aggressively pursuing technology to make clean energy as efficient and cost effective as possible (think solar roofs, geothermal heating, cold fusion). For others, the focus is on greening automotive technology (think hybrids, rechargeable batteries and self-driving vehicles) in an effort to reduce greenhouse emissions from the 260 million plus cars on the road in the United States.

The public chorus loudly cheers for these “sexy” technological advancements and their ability to help us “clean” our environment. Meanwhile, many of those same voices stand in opposition to the advanced technology that is allowing the agricultural industry to pursue the same thing.

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