Food Dive: Inside the GMO law: What needs to be labeled and why it matters

By: Megan Poinski –

Now that the final GMO labeling regulations have been rolled out, what is going to bear the new seal that certifies a product is derived from bioengineering?…

Regardless of terminology, some say that having the law in place doesn’t correct fearmongering over GMOs. Transparency group Peel Back the Label said it may actually make it worse.

“While the USDA’s new disclosure rule provides additional clarity for consumers regarding what is and what is not a bioengineered food, it does nothing to reign in the growing use of misleading food labels and meaningless absence claims that are designed to capitalize on consumer fears and confusion in order to boost sales,” the group said in a statement emailed to Food Dive. “Consumers deserve both truth and transparency in food labeling, and Peel Back the Label urges the USDA and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to review current voluntary disclosure regulations to ensure food labeling is founded in science, not in fear.”

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