Food Chemical News: Campaign Against ‘Fear-based’ Labeling Adds Big Names to the List

By William G Schulz –

A campaign to stop “fear-based” food labeling, called “Peel Back the Label,” has added food companies Perdue, Tysons, Living Fresh, Cuties, and Del Monte to its hall of shame. The companies have deceptively used either “non-GMO” or “No Added Hormones/Steroids” to their product labels, the campaign says.

Peel Back the Label argues that because 70% of consumers say they rely on front of package labeling for food purchasing decisions, labels that provoke meaningless or nonexistent controversies are fear-based and should not be allowed.

“Fear shouldn’t be a factor when consumers are grocery shopping. Trying to scare people into buying a product over unfounded fears is irresponsible marketing. We are engaged in this effort because consumers deserve to know the truth behind the label,” said Jim Mulhern, president of the National Milk Producers Federation, which sponsors the campaign.

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