Duluth News Tribune: Food Shaming: Why I’m Avoiding Foods Labeled “Non-GMO Project” Verified

By Kathryn Pinke –

I recently grabbed a can of diced tomatoes from my pantry shelf and the “Non-GMO Project” butterfly logo caught my eye. There were many labels on the can. “Heart-healthy.” “No Salt Added.” “Flash Steam Peeled.” “Non BPA Liner.” But the Non-GMO Project Verified logo had a website below. It looked like propaganda and annoyed me.

Besides a tweet I saw a few weeks ago, I had mostly ignored the Non-GMO Project effort and campaign. I’ve purposefully tried to promote what I love about agriculture and food and avoid arguing about the misinformation and food marketing I disagree with. After making supper for my family, I decided to visit the Non-GMO Project Project website and Twitter profile to look through their information shared about creating a “non-GMO” world.

The people behind the project are a marketing machine, doing everything they can to get consumers to avoid GMOs in food. They’ve convinced millions of people and thousands of food brands and retailers of their beliefs. They imply non-GMO choices are higher quality, healthier and safer and you are at risk if your food isn’t “Non-GMO Project” verified. They make other false claims that don’t support our country’s diverse agriculture industry and the resulting food choices. They go so far to feature a child holding up a sign that says “I will not eat GMOs” as their Twitter profile cover.

What if you and your child were hungry?

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