Dairy Herd Management: Farmers Taking a Stand Against Deceptive Advertising

By Taylor Leach –

Buzzwords, scare tactics and misguided advertising are just a few techniques food marketers use to get consumers to buy their products. Farmers, however, have had enough and are fighting back to end deceptive food labeling.

Created by dairy farmers and the National Milk Producers Federation, The Peel Back the Label campaign was launched to bring awareness to consumers about misleading advertisements placed on food products, using humor to help spread the message.

In April, Peel Back the Label worked with Emmy-winning comedic production company, Funny Or Die, to release a video portraying how marketers are constantly confusing consumers with misleading food labels on products, creating a perplexing shopping experience for customers. The video shows just how much of a headache shopping can be for today’s consumers as they are bombarded with labels like “non-GMO,” “natural,” and “antibiotic-free.”

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