Sick of companies using deceptive labels on their product packaging? Tell them now! See below for contact information for each of our case study bad actors and speak out. Show them their customers don’t want these labels, and they’re actually hurting their bottom lines!

Barilla Pasta

Commercialized GMO wheat is nowhere to be found in supermarkets. But, that hasn’t stopped Barilla from deceptively labeling its pasta with the Non-GMO project logo. READ MORE >>

Breyers Ice Cream

Craving a sweet frozen treat? You may want to think twice about choosing products from ice cream and frozen dairy desert maker Breyers if you believe food companies owe consumers honesty in marketing. READ MORE >>

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea

Anything calling itself “sleepy time” should be calm and relaxing, right? But there’s not much comfort to be found in the marketing of Celestial Seasonings’ Sleepytime tea. READ MORE >>

Clover Sonoma Milk

On its website, Clover Sonoma Farms credits its decision to go non-GMO – and to utilize the Non-GMO Project verified label – as an effort to drive industry progress and build “trust with consumers.” READ MORE >>

Cuties Mandarin Oranges

there are no genetically modified oranges or other citrus fruits on the market. That includes those little mandarin oranges made by Cuties in your grocery store’s produce aisle. READ MORE >>

Dannon Yogurt

Dannon’s decision to source only non-GM feed has nothing to do with sustainability or more natural ingredients, and everything to do with deceptive, fear- based marketing that is confusing to consumers and damaging to the environment. READ MORE >>

Del Monte Canned Sliced Carrots

Del Monte’s canned sliced carrots include large “Non GMO” seals on their labels. Seems simple enough. But the truth is that there is no such thing as a genetically modified carrot, so the label is at best totally superfluous and, at worst, completely deceptive. READ MORE >>

Dole Peaches

If Dole only sweetens its yellow cling peaches in 100% natural fruit juice, as they claim, and since there are no GMO peaches, why do they need to add the Non-GMO Project label? READ MORE >>

Florida’s Natural Orange Juice

There is no such thing as a GMO orange. As such, as long as a product’s only ingredient is oranges, then it is ALWAYS naturally GMO-free. READ MORE >>

Himalania Rock Pink Salt

GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Which means genetic modifications to a LIVING thing. Salt is a mineral. Not an organism, and definitely not living. Therefore it has no genes to modify. READ MORE >>

Hunt’s Tomatoes

It’s easy to take a label at its word and not read the fine print – and that’s likely what Hunt’s was counting on when it unveiled “Non-GMO” labels on its canned crushed tomatoes. READ MORE >>

Left Field Farms Milk

Sometimes fear-mongering as a marketing tactic is subtle; a veiled attempt at making you question what you otherwise thought to be true. Other times it’s a blatant, in your face, laugh out loud manipulation. READ MORE >>

Living Fresh Bibb Lettuce

There is no such thing as genetically modified lettuce of any type. But that hasn’t stopped Living Fresh from labeling its Bibb Lettuce with the Non-GMO Project Verified logo and proclaiming on its website that “we supply the Southeast with the freshest non-gmo produce.” READ MORE >>

McCormick’s “Gourmet” Spices

There are no GMO spices currently on the market, but that didn’t stop McCormick from proudly releasing its GMO-free “Gourmet” line of products, ranging from cinnamon to thyme, in 2015. READ MORE >>

Ocean Spray Dried Cranberries

Ocean Spray’s “Craisins® Original Dried Cranberries” only have two ingredients – cranberries and cane sugar, and neither the berry plants nor the sugar cane has genetically-modified versions. But, that hasn’t stopped Ocean Spray from including a non-GMO label on their product. READ MORE >>

Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There is no such thing as a genetically modified olive. But, that hasn’t stopped Pompeian from deceptively labeling all of its olive oils with the Non-GMO Project logo. READ MORE >>

Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup

It is illegal to sell poultry in the U.S. that was raised with added hormones. So why does Progresso use language like “No hormones added ever” in its commercials and on its website? It’s not about consumer education. READ MORE >>

Purdue Chicken

Purdue’s “No Hormones Added” label has nothing to do with consumer clarity and everything to do with consumer confusion. READ MORE >>

Stonyfield Yogurt

The science is clear: ALL milk is naturally GMO free, regardless of the type of feed – GM or non-GM – that the cows producing it have consumed. READ MORE >>

Tropicana Orange Juice

There are currently no GMO oranges available on the market. So why does Tropicana insist on using a Non-GMO Project verified label on its original orange juice products that have literally one ingredient – oranges? READ MORE >>

TruMoo Milk

Chocolate milk brand TruMoo is an interesting case, because the company — to its credit — acknowledges on its website the safety of ingredients sourced from GMO crops, but at the same time, TruMoo (owned by Dean Foods) offers a dramatically different portrayal of GMOS in their advertising. READ MORE >>

Tyson Foods Chicken

According to the USDA, it is illegal to sell poultry in the US that was raised with added hormones. So why are companies like Tyson plastering their packaged chicken with labels like “No Added Hormones or Steroids”? READ MORE >>

Wild Planet Tuna

On their website, Wild Planet lists only TWO ingredients for their canned tuna: tuna and sea salt. Simple, right? Yeah, not so much. READ MORE >>